Client: 20th Century Fox | Agency:Trailer Park Group & Eclipse | Role: ACD + Writer + Illustrator


We kicked off the best campaign ever for the best super hero ever off with the greatest costume reveal in history—ever. Oh, and a nod to Burt Reynolds too.
To help launch the most foul-mouthed superhero in history, we asked ourselves, “WWDD?” And the answer was obvious: An April Fools joke, and who better to play it on than Mario Lopez.
We followed the joke up with some insider info to get people excited for Deadpool.

What was next was obvious for any Deadpool fan—Emojis. We designed a set of custom emojis, developed a distribution plan, and released all 160 of them into the wild. Of course, I had to be the one to illustrate the very popular & infamous Deadpool emojis—which may have been my most favorite project to date—not because I have some sort of obsession with the Merc with the Mouth...
The Deadpool emoji app had over 250k installs and was trending in the App Store in the first 24 hours. It earned 25m impressions with 730k installs, compared with the average of 100k installs. Plus, @Midnight featured our emoji in a segment on the show.
As part of our distribution plan, we created an email signup page for hardcore fans to get early access to Deadpool content, and kicked it off with the emoji launch.
The result?
Total installs: 727,557
iOS: 365,000
Android: 362,557

Other keyboards typically do not surpass 100k downloads. This is the best performing keyboard to date, other than Kimoji (Kim Kardashian's Keyboard).
Yes, Deadpool has his own Pinterest page, of course he would. He's an eccentric guy with eccentric tastes!
Oh, and that sweet artwork? Yeah, I illustrated that.

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